Design for the Baby Boomer Generation

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Creating for the boomer nation...

The baby boomer generation is the largest age group in the United States. Men and women who bought their first homes thirty years ago have different needs today.

As an architect, building contractor or supplier, you need to know what baby boomers want in housing options. What challenges are you up against as you create living spaces for this group? How does technology come into play? What about going green?

Building for Boomers addresses a plethora of design elements that affect how you will design and build for the 50+ age group.

Who Needs Building for Boomers?

Anyone who designs for the 50-plus age group will benefit from reading Building for Boomers. Architects, contractors, city planners and engineering students will all find value from this publication.

For a preview of the book, check out the table of contents.


Topics of Discussion

  • Aging in place, universal design, sustainability, and building green.

  • The impact of technology on boomer building.

  • The design process, step by step.

  • Quality vs. Quantity.