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Mike Kephart AIA

Presidential Campaign

Mike Kephart My wife and I have followed the presidential campaign like never before. We always vote for everything local, state and national. Obama is our candidate again this year. If we thought that Romney was believable we might give him full consideration, but that’s not the case. I feel that he must be lying, [...]

Housing is not the issue until something happens

Stories abound in their similarity and their variety. It’s common that plans are seldom made until the situation is worse due to unexpected illness or accident. My brother and I were unaware of our mom’s frailty until we found plates with leftover food in the cabinet with clean dishes. She had been plagued by mini-strokes [...]

3-gen designs

We understand that most buyers are looking for space for other family members in a home that is safe, comfortable and private. Where but in the home you already own can you do as little or as much as you need within the budget available. Safety first, add grab bars, build ramps, and widen narrow [...]

In Home ADU

In-home ADUs or family apartments can be built within new or existing homes. These Granny flats may be used any number of ways just as detached ADUs except they may not be so controversial.  The second apartment is indistinguishable from the primary home on the outside lacking any distinguishable elements such as entry doors, color [...]

Women Boomers take up Flyfishing

1.4 million boomer women who fish 16 million days each year are making their mark on one more of the last bastions of the good old boys. Bookmark It

Seaside Florida

Seaside ADUs Seaside Florida, a unique New Town on the Gulf Coast of the Florida panhandle, has matured since its inception 30 years ago. Seaside was a New Urbanism concept community design that you can read about on the community website. I’m most interested today in the large number of Accessory Dwelling Units that have [...]

Senior Singles growing in number

A recent study focused on the 30% of baby boomers that are are single, over 23 million of them.  3000 single seniors are turning 65 every day and they don’t want to live alone for the rest of their lives.  Dating and mating services are catering to this newly found market. We’ve been watching and [...]

Lost Lakes and Secret Places in the Rockies

Interested in exploring Colorado’s sublime wilderness and catching brilliant Cutthroat Trout from a pristine glacial Lake but just don’t know how to get started? Here’s How! Colorado Free University is hosting classes by Mike Kephart in July & August.  Each class includes a guided trip to a high mountain lake. To register go to; www.freeu.com; [...]

Chernobyl, Home Sweet Home

80+ women live long lives in Chernobyl in spite of the danger from radiation, “Home” is that important in their lives?  The men died long ago but some 200 women survivors are now outliving their octogenarian counterparts outside the danger zone. (The Today Show, April 18, 2011) Mike Kephart Bookmark It

Westerners want Environmental Protections:

A Jan. 2011 survey, Conservation in the West, a bipartisan effort, revealed truths that our politics has all wrong.  81% of voters in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana and Utah believe that environmental laws should not be reduced in favor of oil and gas companies.  (as repotted in the Denver Post Sunday 4/17/11).  Yes we [...]