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Westerners want Environmental Protections:

A Jan. 2011 survey, Conservation in the West, a bipartisan effort, revealed truths that our politics has all wrong.  81% of voters in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana and Utah believe that environmental laws should not be reduced in favor of oil and gas companies.  (as repotted in the Denver Post Sunday 4/17/11).  Yes we [...]


Blog Imprints 1 /31/10 Imprints are strong emotional experiences in our lives that have “imprinted” themselves on our brain to become part of the tapestry of memories that shape our responses to ideas in our living environment, such as; comfort, safety, social status, happiness, fun, and the connection with others. These “imprints” come into play [...]

Aging In America

The ASA (American Society on Aging) and the NCOA (National Council On Aging) are holding their joint conference in San Francisco  April 26 to 30, 2011. Building for Boomers will be there and presenting our seminar entitled Caregiving and the Physical Environment.  Judy Schriener and MIke Kephart, co-authors of the book, Building for Boomers, will [...]

The End for Jumbo Loans?

Jumbo loans, or those with mortgages backed by the US Government from the current limit of $417,000 up to $729,750, may be cut back, as reported in the Feb 4, 2011 Washington Post.  The collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, at the heart of the current financial crisis, has sparked a serious review of [...]

ULI Magazine press release

Dan Withee, an architect in Los Angeles wrote a very complimentary review of our book, Building For Boomers and it was published in Urban Land in their Jan/Feb. 2011 issue.  Thanks Dan, I hope I can return the favor some day.Building for Boomers113 Just click on the title to read the review. Bookmark It

Our Book, “Building for Boomers”

We have a limited number of copies of our book for sale. E-mail me, MIke Kephart, at; mike@KephartLiving.com for details.  This is a $60 value we are offering at 39.95 plus shipping and handling. Mike Kephart Bookmark It

New Year’s 2011

Kathy, the first Baby Boomer 10,000 people turned 65 years old today.  Not only did the first baby boomer reach that milestone on New Year’s Day 2011 but also, 10,000 others will reach 65 tomorrow, the day after that and every day of the year for the next 20 years until every Baby Boomer is [...]

2010 Census Figures Revealed Baby Boomers are a force once again:

On 12/21/10 The Census Bureau released to the nation the results of the 2010 census.  Some states lost population and some gained with representation in the House of Representatives hanging in the balance.  Weather may have impacted the changes with northeastern states losing ground while the Sunbelt gained.  Speculation has been floated that since baby [...]

Put Mom in The Yard

Put Mom in the Yard I Have a beautiful backyard that has grown into a burden, a duty demanding my time, rather than a pleasure that fulfills me with a sense of accomplishment, as mowing, planting and pruning once did.  This “duty” now intrudes into my time playing golf, fishing, or hanging out with friends [...]

Denver and Salt Lake City

Cities across the continent, both in the USA and Canada, are initiating ordinances to allow Backyard Cottages or ADUs. These small homes are perfect for aging family members who can still control their life and their living quarters without family interruption but are still close enough to provide occasional help.